Good news! Our new framework is going to be released on Sept 20 @ 8pm EST. Join us in teamspeak before for free in-game give aways! We ask you bring a friend as well! Mods will be available on Steam soon! Be sure you are signed up on the new website!
New website! Sign up here - [link]
[link] -- Beta 2 Website! Come join the new forums are start bringing her alive.
Listen peeps the BETA testing is in effect lol - Load your mods and join the server, list bugs etc. if you need many see Metalman our main man. Thanks and enjoy!
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New Website

Nick Riley a posted Wed at 17:07

Liberty Roleplayers!




We have a NEW Website! It is UNDER CONSTRUCTION but it is working to sign up on!

Please sign up using your ROLEPLAY Name!

See you on the new website!

Click HERE to Connect 


Sunday 1 OCT. 8PM EST



First off if this is your first time with us, welcome! If you are a returning member we thank you for your continued support!

*New folks! - Please don't mind our website, we are in the works with a brand new IPB Board site in the coming weeks! 

If you are new to our community please come take a look, have a chat and ask questions! We are offering new players with an instant extra $250k and if you bring friends you get even more money! We are looking for serious role-players with a knack for good fun. We are also looking to fill in game roles in the Sheriffs Office, EMS Department and even our Support Team! 

We have some really great mods, amazing RedtheDev vehicles, an amazing EMS/Sheriffs Office with so many opportunities for player run businesses! Be sure to check it all out, sign up today and come play! 

Be sure to check out our TeamSpeak @ and our Arma 3 Sync @



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